Trixi Anne Agiao is a socially conscious artist and educator who works to illustrate the human experience through movement and theater. She has choreographed for the past eight years and has enjoyed having her choreography showcased on stage and video all over California.  Trixi has also enjoyed many wonderful performing opportunities with an array of artists including Spencer Powell, Terry Wilson, Jean Isaacs, Jacques Heim, Jeanne Travers, and somebodies dance theater. Besides dance, Trixi focuses on making mental health resources for those who are not yet able to afford or reach professional help. 

Artist’s Statement: I'm very excited to present my work in Fresh Dances because it is the first time, in a while, that I will be performing in my own work. It has been a tougher process this way, but also a fascinating one. Also, I feel so grateful to present my work at such a, pun intended, fresh event. It's wonderful to see such new opportunities being established in our dance community.